This is an area where learners with various talents are exploited to the maximum. St. Peter’s Mumias Boys Primary School is both an academic oriented and a talent built centre year in year out.

We’ve had several plays appearing at the National stage featuring the following plays; The New Dawn, I want to Play, First Born, Our Presentation and this year’s Swing Swing!

Swing Swing is a play which really saw various awards right from county level to National level.

This has been our eeliest performance since our introduction of Drama in St. Peter’s. This success was due collective responsibility from around and within the St. Peters Community leading us to mark this energized performance.

Our cast was a real motivation the likes of Kenneth Shyeyo, Collins Okiya, Emmanuel Cheptile, Elvis Mambo, Fidel Felix Otieno and Eugine Dimba was a tough team charged enough and very flexible. Bravo Boys!

Our Producer Sr. Agnes Maulo  is a leader of class who value nothing but EXCELLENCE! She has been very instrumental to us both Spiritually and materially for all these years and this year 2013 was an exceptional. She was up in it!

The entire staff was quite instrumental too and more so the discreniting voice of Mr. Muyeka Vincent and others.

My co-directors and script writers we are adding value every day and one day we shall storm the world. We’ve directed and written this play SWING SWING with a lot of ease and focus depicting all aspects of artistry. Budos men!

The play Swing Swing swung and scooped the following Awards at the National level:

  • a. Best Item of the Festival
  • b. Best item on boy child
  • c. Best item for children
  • d. Best scripted play in English
  • e. Best item on cohesion and integration
  • f. Best production for children
  • g. The winning play
  • h. The Best Actor of the Festival - Kenneth Shyeyo
  • i. The Most promising male artist. - Kenneth Shyeyo
  • j. The Best Producer: Sr. Agnes Maulo
  • k. The Best Directors - Primary category in the entire Nation

•i.                    Mr. Washika Rollingtone

•ii.                 Mr. Wandalo victor

•iii.               Mr. Achesa Victor


In Conclusion, we want to thank God for having given us the will, determination and persistence during the preparation of the play. We want to thank all the sober mind at school and beyond the boarders of this school who spent tireless efforts in advising, providing leadership and capacity building. Special thanks to our dear parents who financed the Team. May God Bless everybody who participated  towards the welfare of the play in one way or another. God Bless You All! God Bless St. Peters!

From Drama Club Desk

Mr. Washikam Rollingtone


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