ICT Department was established in 2007. It is sponsored by Computer for Schools Kenya. The Department started with less than 200 pupils undertaking the course. Due to High competition in the IT world wide, parents saw the need for their boys to undertake the programme. In 2008 Computer lessons became compulsory to all the pupils.  The school saw the need for its pupils to have certificates in Computer before leaving the school in STD 8. Therefore in the year 2009, the school together with the Computer for Schools Kenya organised for and External Examination and pupils were awarded with Certificated. We hope to register over 200 candidates for the same Examination this year 2011.

ICT comprises of three Qualified, skilled and experienced tutors namely: Jane Achom Wanyama, Bromeah Makhanu and John Kundu. So far the ICT teachers have helped the pupils to become computer literate.

Our greatest gratitude goes to our Headteacher Sr. Agnes Maulo who tirelessly thought, sold the idea to parents and initiated the programme, the School Management Committee for supporting the Idea, the stakeholders, the Community, teachers and pupils for appreciating the effort put in. We can’t forget Computers for Schools Kenya for their support and maintaining the Computers.

Report by

Jane Achom Wanyama



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